It is what has kept me inspired to continue pursuing the life of an artist. I'm awed that the joy, pain, compassion, curiosity, and beauty within a moment can be relived over and over by a single image.  

Being a working artist in multiple realms has kept my hunger to continually learn alive. With a background in performing arts, I enjoy working with people from all elements of the world. Authenticity is what I strive to gain within my images, and I find the best way to achieve that is by building relationships with people. The most satisfying thing about being an artist is collaborating with others to help them advance in their personal and creative endeavors.

As a performing artist, I strive to employ my instrument towards transformation.
As a visual artist, I aim to capture the spirit of a subject in a still image.  
As a creative being, I long for unity as a collective, so our dreams have the ability to find their place in this existence